The Property-Cockpit works based on success and bears the charge of the supplied portals, credit card charge, bank transfer, currency exchange and the work of the employees with our own commission. As one of the biggest providers and premium partner of the biggest portals we will represent your interest and the interest of furthermore 10.000 landlords combined on their portals.

Better customer loyalty

We assume the processing of the booking including booking confirmation, dunning, payment process with credit card, shipment of the renting documents/voucher, customer rating, complaint management, support by telephone before, during and after booking and much more.


Customer service in 10 languages

Your and your customers demands will be answered on 7 days around the clock by our service team. This improves not only the relationship to our customers but also pays off in an long term customer loyalty. And you will be happy about a cleared mailbox.


We gladly help

No matter if during the registration, in the case of a customer complaint or with the optimization of your offer – we are always there for you.


With us you will be supervised personally

Not only our call center is our contact person but also a responsible, well qualified, personal supervisor.

Service 24 hours a day

Our customer service in 10 languages is available 24 hours a day on 7 days a week. You can reach our professional employees regarding any question around the topic ‘rent a holiday accommodation’ anytime.